Inspirational Team/ Choir

We are experiencing double double as we seek the face of God as a church family in Phoenix, Arizona. On behalf of Christian Hope Ministries, the Inspirationals rejoice with the Headquarter Church in Ghana including all gifted branches as we celebrate our 15th anniversary of God’s goodness and grace upon grace. We acknowledge God’s active work in our lives and believe strongly that God has poured upon us an amazing gift of praise and worship songs that usher worshippers into God’s presence in wholeheartedness, excitement and reverence that pleases God each time we gather in His sanctuary for fellowship. We believe we have a passion and preoccupation to see God’s people being delivered from strongholds and hinderances which are keeping people in bondage.Praise and Worship are weapons satan dreads. Demon powers are demoralized by it. Do not neglect this weapon. It is too powerful to ignore. As you lift your hands in worship and praise, you will literally purge the atmosphere of demonic activity. Worship corrects your focus. Praise is the Golden Door into a Heavenly Environment. We appreciate God for transforming us into instruments of grace, power and encouragement, making great impacts in the lives of God’s people through Christian Hope Ministries in Phoenix and its immediate community. Our humble request in this celebration is that our joy will be full when the entire Christian Hope family will remember us in their daily prayers, especially since
we have dedicated our lives to serving God through praise and worship. Bishop, we wish you all the best in life and ministry. Together we pray that God will anoint you more for higher levels and move you speedily forward as you bring people of different backgrounds into God’s kingdom.